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A Year in the Life of William Shakespeare: 1599
The Orphan Train Movement of 1854-1929
Those Alluring Accessories
Diversity in Latin America
Why the World Needs Anthropologists
Fake News, Fraud, and Honest Error: The Psychology of Belief
Whaling on the High Seas: Thar She Blows!
Marquis de Lafayette and the Battle of the Brandywine
Bustles to Bras
A Shakespeare Celebration
Democracy and the Informed Citizen
Delaware State Parks Oral Histories Collection
Folk Art & Culture
Mary Ann Shadd Cary, Delaware's Forgotten Daughter
Seized in September: Revolutionary War Comes to Delaware
The History of Etiquette: Why We Do What We Do
What You Never Knew About Nancy Drew
Journalism in the "Fake News" Era
Crossroads Smithsonian Exhibit
A Matter of Facts
Democracy Fix
Escape from Hitler’s Europe: The Comet Line and Its Helpers
IDENTITY: Community Perspectives on Delaware’s History
The Big House
Environmental Humanities
The Helping Hands of the Humanities
The Lady Was A Spy: Female Operatives in World War II
Restorative Justice
Remember the Ladies
Life in the Past Lane
The Right to Lie
Vietnam Mailbag
Why It Matters: Civic and Electoral Participation
The Amazing Hannah Penn
Mad Hatters and White Elephants: Surprising Origins of Common Phrases
Louise du Pont Crowninshield: Preservation Pioneer
Arts as Prevention
Pass the Rum: The Rise and Fall of Prohibition
A License to Remember
Dignity Rights
Nothing Less: Delaware, Women's Suffrage, and Equal Rights
Oh Say Can You See...
Rethinking Jim Crow Segregation
Dangerous Speech and Cowardly Suppression
Preserving War Letters: Touchstones of Time
Wayward Women Travelers
A Legacy of Opportunity: The History of Delaware State University
African Americans and the Civil War
Russia and the United States: A New Cold War?
The Ritchie Boys: The Allies’ Secret Weapon