Delaware Humanities offer two grant types to organizations within the state of Delaware. Opportunity Grants are offered on a rolling basis for up to $5,000. Action/Innovation Grants are for $5,0001-$18,000 and are offered twice per year. 

Opportunity GrantsAction/Innovation Grant
Up to $5,000
Opportunity Grants are project or event-based.
They can also be used to fund planning and research for larger projects.

Applications are reviewed the month after they are submitted and are then awarded the month following their review. For example, if an application is submitted in the month of August, it is reviewed in September and if awarded, the Period of Performance begins October 1.

The Period of Performance is six months.

Organizations must be not for profit, but are not required to have tax exempt status.

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Action/Innovation grants are project or event-based for larger scale ambitions.

These grants are awarded twice per year, on November 1 and May 1. Organizations are required to submit a Letter of Inquiry in order to be invited to submit a grant application.

The next Letter of Inquiry opens on September 15, 2023 for projects starting after May 1, 2024. The Letter of Inquiry deadline is November 16, 2023.

The Period of Performance is twelve months.

Organizations must be registered tax exempt nonprofits.