Dignity Rights

Every human being in Delaware deserves to be treated with dignity.

Is that a controversial statement? Delaware Humanities believes in dignity for all; and with the help of the Delaware Law School’s Dignity Rights Clinic and Dignity Rights International, we’re bringing the conversation to the masses.

On hosted April 8th, 2022, the first Dignity Rights Conference in Delaware was held at Delaware Law School in Wilmington. The conference brought together social justice advocates and organizations working in the justice landscape throughout Delaware.

The morning session invited members of the public, students of Delaware Law School, community advocates and more to participate in mutual learning activities including a re-entry simulation, to network with individuals and organizations in pursuit of justice, and share their personal experiences with the legal and justice system.

If you represent an organization that would like to partner for dignity in Delaware, please contact Erin Samarasinghe at esamarasinghe@dehumanities.org for our ongoing conversations.