What You Never Knew About Nancy Drew

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What You Never Knew About Nancy Drew
Newark Senior Center
What You Never Knew About Nancy Drew
New Castle Public Library Company

Speaker: Lora Englehart

The 1930’s icon changed the way girls and women were viewed in literature and beyond. This presentation shines a light on the multiple factors that ignited the instant popularity of Nancy Drew, the investigator who changed girlhood for millions of readers. Bravery and independence mixed with style and substance, Nancy Drew shaped the decades ahead with her leadership and perseverance. With this program, you’ll learn behind-the-scenes “secrets” about the writing world, the publishing industry and the drama behind Nancy Drew’s author “Carolyn Keene.” Nancy Drew has also evolved through the ages; join us to see how the stories have remained relevant to today’s audience to include TV shows, movies, and games, and spinoffs. Most importantly, we will talk about your relationship and memories of Nancy Drew!