Our Mission

We strengthen our communities by connecting Delawareans through the diversity of human experiences.

Our Vision

We envision a Delaware where the respectful exchange of ideas empowers a flourishing democracy.

Our Four Core Concepts

Culture & Community: Appreciating both our shared and varied experiences of what it means to be human and how those ideas enrich our connections to one another.

Health & Environment: Exploring the significance and impact of human behavior on our collective sense of well-being and our physical, cultural, and social surroundings.

Media & Democracy: Advancing our knowledge of the principles of democracy and justice, their relationship with media, and politics in our daily lives.

Stories & Histories: Understanding the effect the past has on our present, the legacies we hope to carry into the future, and the lessons learned from the mistakes we choose not to repeat.

Our History

Founded in 1973, Delaware Humanities is Delaware’s independent, nonprofit affiliate of the National Endowment for the Humanities. Our organization provides educational and cultural opportunities to people and communities in all three counties through original programming and grants for non-profits. We work to help Delawareans gain a deeper understanding of human identity, intellectual achievement, diverse cultures, and our shared heritage.