The History of Etiquette: Why We Do What We Do

Upcoming Event

History of Etiquette: Why We Do What We Do
Aldersgate Church

Speaker: Lisa Strong Chase

The History of Etiquette begins with the Middle Ages, and Erasmus’s teaching of classroom etiquette to young men in the Catholic Church classrooms, then progresses to King
Louis the XIV’s use of the word etiquette, and how the social and etiquette expectations of polite society followed the early settlers of the United States. Audiences will learn how the demonstration of what is known as good manners were a part of survival techniques in the formation of our country! The program will also cover pandemic etiquette (from the Spanish Flu in 1918), to the more recent COVID-19 etiquette, and how that has changed human interaction. The program is very interactive, the audience gets to participate, there are props, and there can be costume changes!