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Lisa Strong Chase

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Lisa Strong Chase is pleased to present History of Etiquette and Cultural Interpretations to Delaware audiences.  The presentation focuses on early expectations of manners in the education of children, royal courts, and in the early settling of the United States, and into the 21st  century. The presentation can be tailored to audiences, such as corporate (business etiquette), and social-educational (schools, social groups, etc.) The presentation can include costume changes.

Growing up as a Southerner, having good manners was expected of every young man and woman – or else! Lisa, a native of Tennessee, grew up in Virginia, where she graduated from Hollins University and where she learned to ‘tow the line,’ etiquettely-speaking, from her teachers, her naval captain father, her gracious mother and other family matriarchs.

Lisa and her family moved to Delaware from North Carolina 17 years ago. When her children were young, Lisa wanted to teach them and their friends manners and etiquette in a fun and entertaining way. Along the way, she developed a program on the History of Etiquette as she was developing the curriculum for her children and their friends. In 2005, Lisa become a licensed Junior Cotillion Director through the National League of Junior Cotillions, and spent the next eight years teaching more than 800 elementary and middle-school aged children manners, leadership skills and the social graces, along with ballroom dance. In this capacity, Lisa became an award-winning director through NLJC.

Professionally, Lisa is an advancement director for a local Catholic School, and has served as a Pastoral Assistant and Youth Director for local congregations.