Capacity Building/Planning Grant

Capacity Building/Planning Grant

For improving and expanding on the internal capacity of your organization

Successful Capacity Building/Planning Grant Grant applications demonstrate the research and planning component of a project as it relates to building the capacity of your organization.


Letter of InterestTBA
Invitation to ApplyTBA
Final DraftTBA
Award DecisionTBA


Maximum grant award is $18,000, must be a 1:1 Cost-Share match with the amount requested from DE Humanities.



  1. An eligible organization must align their Grant to fit within the DE Humanities Four Core Themes (Stories/Histories, Environment/Health, Media/Democracy, Culture/Community) and explain why the Grant fits into a specific theme.
  2. Award amount(s): Applicants may request grant funds between $5,001-18,000. A 1:1 Cost-Share match is required.
  3. Period of Performance: All funded projects must begin after the grant is awarded. No pre-award costs are allowed.
  4. A UEI# is required in order to receive funds for each grant type, and it can take up to a week to receive one.
  5. We encourage minority-led organizations and organizations providing programming to historically marginalized communities in Delaware to apply for support.

To apply for Capacity Building/Planning Grant support, a Letter of Interest (LOI) is required, and successful applicants receive invitations to submit applications. All Capacity Building.Planning Grant applications must demonstrate a direct connection to a humanities program or activity. Some examples:

Who is NOT eligible to apply for Capacity Building/Planning Grants?

What costs are eligible for support under the Capacity Building/Planning Grant?

Activities/programming funded by Delaware Humanities grants should be accessible to the public and free or low cost.

What costs are not eligible for support through Capacity Building/Planning Grants?