Steve Renzi

I love to tell stories by spoken word, writing or photography and the best stories are those that connect us to the people, places and culture of the area we live in. Delaware has so many great stories that have been overlooked, forgotten about, or with new research and understanding need to be re-told again. I am a magazine writer/photographer and a photography teacher and am always searching for new unexplored stories to tell. It’s allowed me to stay curious and my subject matter has ranged from “raising chickens,” to “dropping the atomic bomb.” As a speaker, I prefer to talk about ordinary people during historical events, doing extraordinary things. History is all around us, we just don’t know it; sometimes we can find it in the back of a dresser drawer. My father, a bricklayer, was a navy veteran of World War II. He never talked about it and I knew nothing. After he died, I found his discharge papers in a dresser drawer showing the ship he served on. During the war, that ship was involved in the Battle of Leyte Gulf, the largest naval battle in world history! History is learning about yourself and where you came from.

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