Charito Calvachi-Mateyko

Charito Calvachi-Mateyko has spent her professional career studying, mastering and implementing established methods to promote peace and justice within society. She is a restorative justice practitioner and a passionate promoter of racial justice and the Latino culture. She has had rich and diverse experiences such as being a lawyer, a radio show host, an author, a storyteller and a teacher. Using her passion for her work and her ability to forge strong inter-personal connections, Charito has helped heal the wounds of crime, build communities and broaden cultural awareness.

Charito is the founding member of the Latino Initiative on Restorative Justice (LIRJ), a tax exempt organization whose mission is the dissemination of restorative justice. Charito is also the Principal of Rosario Calvachi-Mateyko & Associates, LLC, in Delaware that provides restorative justice services domestically and abroad.

She is a native of Ecuador and has dual citizenship in both the U.S. and Ecuador.

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