Environmental Humanities



The Signature of All Things: Elizabeth Gilbert
Dancing in Dreamtime: Scott Russell Sanders (short stories)


Delaware Naturalist Handbook (available on Amazon): Susan Barton and McKay Jenkins, eds.
The Control of Nature: John McPhee
The Orchid Thief: Susan Orlean
Rambunctious Garden: Emma Marris
Under a White Sky: Elizabeth Kolbert
The End of Nature: Bill McKibben
The Animal Dialogues: Craig Childs
Braiding Sweetgrass: Robin Wall Kimmerer


Mary Oliver
Ross Gay
Camille Dungy
Wendell Barry


The Secret Garden: Frances Hodgson Burnett

Waste and Recycling

DSWA (Delaware Solid Waste Authority)
DSWA Landfill Tour
DSWA Recycling Tour
Earth Day Website
5 Myths about Recycling
The Future of Trash
FAQ’s Answered by DSWA January 27, 2022
What to Recycle Flyer from DSWA

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