Grant FAQs

Grant FAQs

Who is eligible for Delaware Humanities grant funding?

  • Nonprofits
  • K-12 schools, colleges, universities
  • Museums
  • Libraries
  • Historical preservation groups
  • State/local government agencies
  • Professional or social organizations
  • Social service organizations
  • Community or religious groups
  • Noncommercial media firms
  • Ad Hoc group

What types of project can Delaware Humanities support?

  • Book festivals
  • Conferences
  • Exhibits
  • Lectures/Conversations
  • Media projects
  • Museum assistance
  • Oral histories
  • Panel discussions
  • Planning for humanities programs
  • Public debates
  • Reading and discussion programs
  • Workshops
  • Have another idea? Propose it—we like innovation!

Are there things Delaware Humanities cannot fund?

What is the average size of a Delaware Humanities grant?

Grants range in size from a few hundred dollars to $18,000; but the average size is $5,500.

What is the most common reason for an application to be rejected?

Insufficient humanities content. For Delaware Humanities to make a grant, the role of the humanities in the proposal or project activities must be clearly established, and the project speakers/leaders must be humanities experts.

How do I ensure that my application has the best chance at approval?

Contact the Grant Officer via email as early as possible in the application process; she can help you shape your application for the best chance at success.

What will make my application stand out?

Clear, unambiguous narrative, written to ensure that someone unfamiliar with your organization or the project can easily see how the proposed project fits with your organization’s goals and the humanities. Be sure that your project is original, and provides new insights into or perspectives on your topic.