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The Delaware Humanities Speakers program sends scholars, authors, and experts to community groups, organizations, businesses and K-12 classrooms throughout the state. They provide a broad array of thought-provoking presentations that make culture and history available and accessible to all audiences, as well as help us all deepen our understanding of who we are, where we come from, and the many connections that unite us. Programs may be in-person or virtual, please check with the Speaker for their availability.  Our Speakers are listed and linked to on the left hand side of the page. Click here to search for a specific program.
How to Make a Request
  1. Look through the Speakers Catalog  and select a program. PLEASE NOTE:  Some programs are only for K-12 classrooms, some are not approved for classrooms, and some are for both–be sure to select the appropriate program for your audience/organization.
  2. Contact the speaker directly and arrange a date, time, and location for your program. Presentations are 60-75 minutes long (45-60 minute lecture, followed by time for audience questions), so please allow enough time for the program and questions at the end.
  3. Programs may be in-person or virtual depending on the Speaker.
  4. Create a free online account or log-in to your account here.
  5. Submit the online Speakers Request Form at least four weeks before your program date.
  6. Your application may be rejected if you’ve requested the same program twice in a six month time frame.
  7. Your application will be rejected if you have any outstanding paperwork or payments due to Delaware Humanities.
After Your Request & Before Your Event
  1. Wait for approval and the Grant Agreement from Delaware Humanities before advertising.  Delaware Humanities pays the Speaker’s fee; your fee covers the administrative costs.  Funding is limited and not all requests are approved.
  2. Read the Grant Agreement carefully and digitally sign prior to the program with copayment ($75 for federally registered nonprofits, $150 for other organizations, and free for K-12 school classrooms. Not sure if you are a qualified nonprofit? Check your status here.).  Failure to comply with the grant agreement will result in denial of future requests.
  3. Whether virtual or in-person, it is the responsibility of the host organization to communicate with the Speaker to learn their technological needs for the program. Delaware Humanities will not provide any technological resources or assistance.
  4. Promote your program! With some exceptions, these events must be free and open to the public.
  5. Distribute audience evaluations at the program.  Provide the link to audience members to the digital evaluation for virtual programs.
After Your Event
  1. Return audience evaluations within one week to the Delaware Humanities. Log in to your account and complete your Program Coordinator evaluation online.