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Gary Wray

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Dr. Wray has been President of FMHA (Fort Miles Historical Association) since it began in 2003, responsible for leading the organization in its goal of preserving, protecting and defending all aspects of Fort Miles. Dr. Wray is co-author (with Lee Jennings, State Parks historian) of the book on Fort Miles, published by Arcadia Press in 2005. Dr. Wray also serves on the local Cape Henlopen School Board, where he has been both Vice President and President for almost two years, and is an elected trustee of the Delaware Historical Society, the oldest historical society in the state. Dr. Wray, representing FMHA, was also chosen by the state of Delaware as the State Volunteer of the Year in 2008. Dr. Wray is currently a professor at Wilmington University, the University of Maryland, and Delaware Technical and Community College.