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Women’s History Month Documentary Film Series

This women’s history month, learn about three influential women of the 20th century with our documentary film series.

Tuesday, March 5 at 6 pm
Lewes Public Library, 111 Adams Avenue, Lewes, DE
Anita Hill became the attorney-adviser to US Department of Education Assistant Secretary Clarence Thomas in 1981. She worked for Thomas for two years before obtaining a job as a professor. In 1991 when Thomas was nominated for the Supreme Court, Hill was interviewed by the FBI. Her interview, containing allegations of sexual harassment, was leaked to the press. Thomas’ confirmation hearing was re-opened and Hill was called to testify. This film recounts Anita Hill’s experience on the stand and its aftermath.

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Thursday, March 14 at 6 pm
Laurel Public Library, 101 E. 4th Street, Laurel, DE
Born in Vienna, Hedy Lamarr’s film career began in Europe before she moved to the United States in the late 1930s. Known publicly for her beauty, off screen Lamarr was passionate about inventing. With her friend musician George Antheil, Lamarr invented and received a patent for a radio guidance system. Invented in the 1940s to help with the war, their technology was not used by the US military until the 1960s, after the patent had expired. This invention laid the foundation for modern WiFi, Bluetooth, and GPS technologies.

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Mercury 13
Wednesday, March 21 at 6 pm
Selbyville Public Library, 11 S Main St, Selbyville, DE
As part of a privately funded program, a group of women were subjected to the same physical and psychological tests as the Mercury astronauts. Of these women, thirteen passed the Phase I tests and several passed the Phase II tests. However, when Dr. Lovelace, who ran the program and helped design the astronaut tests for NASA, requested use of NASA facilities to coduct Phase III tests, permission was denied. Some of the women appealed to the government for the program to continue, but it was not until Sally Ride went into space over twenty years later that women were finally allowed to become astronauts.

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