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DEstination: Space

On July 21, 1969, two citizens of the United States of America were the first humans to step foot on a celestial body outside Earth. While many know that individuals and corporations across the United States worked together to make this happen, few realize the importance Delaware held in this momentous occasion. Companies such as ILC Dover, W.L. Gore and Associates, and DuPont contributed significant research, design, development, and manufacturing resources that landed these two astronauts safely on the moon.

In 2019, Delaware Humanities is using the 50th anniversary of the moon landing as a catalyst to host a year long celebration of Delaware’s contributions to space exploration.  From Annie Jump Cannon to Dr. Jane Rigby, Delawareans past and present have been working to unlock the mysteries of the universe.

Delaware Humanities will be offering re-grants to Delaware non-profit organizations of up to $5,000 on a rolling basis for projects that fit the theme of the project. Click here to learn more about Full S.T.E.A.M. Ahead Grants.

Delaware Humanities will also be offering a traveling exhibition on the history of Delaware’s contributions to space exploration.  Click here for more information and the application to host.

Want to bring the exhibit to your school or organization for just a day or a week?  Click here for information on how to borrow the exhibit short-term.

In grades 5-12 and enjoy writing and creating art?  Submit to our contest for your chance to win a chance to meet Astronaut Leland Mevlin!  Deadline May 24.

Other events will also be occurring in 2019: please check the DEstination: Space website and join our mailing list for the latest news and information.