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HumaniTeens: Newark Farmers Market

August 18, 2017

Have you seen the organic section in your local supermarket? The ethnic section? If you have, it’s probably small without a decent variety. “You could shop at five or six stores or just one.” Located on Kirkwood Highway in Newark, the Farmers Market serves a wide variety of cultures and peoples across the state. Not to mention, the produce is freshly grown and very affordable. They have a section dedicated to all the regions you can think of. There is something for everyone to enjoy. One visit to the Farmers Market feels like 80 minutes around the world. Not only is their food selection diverse, the staff is as well. There are people in the staff of various backgrounds, so it is easy to find someone to talk to, especially in a different language. They serve a wide demographic throughout northern Delaware, and contribute to the growth of local farmers and the cultural advancement of the state. They are ambassadors of diversity and healthy produce to the people of Delaware.