Opportunity Grant

Opportunity Grant

Project/event-based, or can be used as planning and research stage for larger projects


Letter of InterestNot Required
Application ProcessedApplications received by the last day of each month will be reviewed the following month


Maximum grant award is $5,000, must be a 1:1 Cost-Share match with the amount requested from DE Humanities; in some cases the Cost-Share match can be waived (contact Grants Officer if interested).



  1. An eligible organization must align their Grant to fit within the DE Humanities Four Core Themes (Stories/Histories, Environment/Health, Media/Democracy, Culture/Community) and explain why the Grant fits into a specific theme.
  2. Award amount(s): Applicants may request grant funds up to but not exceeding $5,000. A 1:1 Cost-Share match is required for Opportunity Grants, though this may be waived in some circumstances. Please contact the Grant Officer to determine organization’s eligibility.
  3. Period of Performance: Six months, starting the first of the month after the notification of approval. No pre-award costs are allowed.
  4. A UEI# is required in order to receive funds for each grant type, and it can take up to a week to receive one.
  5. Part of the application evaluation is a risk assessment based on the applying organization’s financial and organizational stability.
  6. We encourage minority-led organizations and organizations providing programming to historically marginalized communities in Delaware to apply for support.
  7. Recipients will be required to set up a bill.com account to receive their award by epayment(s).

Who is NOT eligible to apply for Opportunity Grants?

What costs are eligible for support under the Opportunity Grant?

All costs must be reasonable, necessary to accomplish project goals, and take place during the grant period.

What costs are NOT eligible for support through Opportunity Grants?