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April 28, 2021 @ 5:30 pm – 6:30 pm

Do you know which species are invasive where you live? Have you ever wondered what’s the difference between invasive species and non-native species?

We will screen a brief film of a hike and conversation on the subject between natural resources agent Blake Moore and Environmental Humanities program facilitator Lisa Dill. After the film we will discuss invasive species and our connection with them.  The discussion will be led by Lisa Dill.  Blake Moore will also be at the the event to answer your invasive species questions.

If you have time before the program, please read this article about the new invasive species ban law in Delaware.  You may also find interesting this Smithsonian article discussing if humans are invasive species.

Finally, if you are going outside to enjoy the nice Spring weather, take along our Invasive Species Bingo to see which species you can spot.

Registration required.

Program Description

Many of us think the word "environment" exists in strictly scientific terms, from climate science to land management to agriculture to food. However, all of these issues occupy a space between science and the humanities. All of them are debated and discussed by writers, historians, philosophers, and political figures, in addition to chemists, biologists, and physicists. All of them intersect with the other crucial issues of American life: health, culture, religion, economics.  Environmental Humanities opens these discussions for all of us, providing a framework for these important conversations. Check this page (left panel) for upcoming events.  You can also visit our resources page for books, articles, documentaries, and more related to Environmental Humanities.